Books and Movies

There are scads of books and movies about the Holocaust, Poland and other countries that you can look into.



The diary of Anne Frank; a German-Jewish girl living in Nazi-occupied Holland.

The memoir of Irene Gut Opdyke; a young woman who saved Jews in my homeland of Poland. 

The biography of Oskar Schindler; a businessman who rescued 1200 Jews. 

The memoir of Elie Wiesel; a young man who survived three concentration camps.

A graphic novel of Vladek Spiegelman's survival during the Holocaust.

The diary of Mary Berg, a Polish-Jew living in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Secret diaries of children throughout Europe during WWII.

The memoir of Nonna Bannister; a young woman from Russia who is deported to Germany as a slave laborer.

The biography of Irena Sendler, a Catholic social worker who saved the lives of 2500 children.


The story of orphan Liesel Meminger, who lives in Nazi Germany. She steals books, even though she cannot read. Together with her foster-father, she learns to read and realizes how important books are.

Hannah Stern is bored with Passover and family stories until she "opens the door for Elijah" and is magically sent to 1942 Poland. She soon discovers why the past is so important.

Misha is an orphan and a thief, living on the streets of Warsaw. He is taken in by a Jewish family and lives with them in the ghetto. He survives, but the past leaves a mark on him.

Bruno and his family leaves their home in German and moves to Poland. He meets a boy named Shmuel, who is bald and wears striped pyjamas and lives in a strange place called "Out-with." Their unlikely friendship transcends their differences.

Following the outbreak of war in Poland, Aniela and her father escape to America where they make a new life.

After the arrest of their father and deportation of their mother, three siblings travel across Europe in search of their parents.

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