Still interested in learning more about the Holocaust, Poland, or Jewish and Polish people? Maybe the links below will help you out.

POLAND - Wikipedia's Articles on Poland - Lonely Planet's Site on Poland - Poland's Official Travel Website - National Geographic Kids' Site on Poland - Polish Art Center: Treasury of Polish Art - Polish Site: Website About Polish Culture - World War II Database: Poland

THE HOLOCAUST - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - A People's History of the Holocaust & Genocide - Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam - The Anne Frank Center USA - Oskar Schindler - Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project - CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center - The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation - The Holocaust: Crimes, Heroes and Villains - Holocaust: Non-Jewish Holocaust Victims - Polish Righteous: Those Who Risked Their Lives

JUDAISM - Judaism 101 - Judaism at - Jewish Answers

CATHOLOCISM - Catholicism at -

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